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Design Tips & Inspiration

  • Make a Statement with Decorative Pillows


    Making a statement in a room shouldn’t be left up to large pieces like furniture alone. Decorative pillows are a perfect way to make a statement and show off your personality in a space through color, pattern, texture and size. In addition, throw pillows are one of the fastest ways to update the look and feel of a space.

    Living room with brightly colored decorative pillows on sofa and accent chair
    If you are a bit of a commitment-phobe and aren’t ready to take the plunge with patterns or color on larger pieces, like upholstered furniture or window treatments, a few patterned pillows mixed with pillows in complementary colors will get you to dip your toe into the wonderful possibilities of color and pattern without making a big investment.
    Throw pillows with a pattern mixed with solid decorative pillows in complementary colorsSpeaking of pattern… don’t be afraid to mix it up! Look for colors that complement each other and pay attention to the scale of the pattern.
    It's okay to mix patterns with decorative pillowsThrow pillows are very versatile – use them on sofas, chairs, banquettes, name it!  A fun idea is to bring more softness to a dining room or office by adding a stylish decorative pillow…or the chair.

    So go ahead and experiment and show off your personal style in your home!

    Image: 55 Downing Street

  • Sofas with a Designer Touch


    A sofa is not a sofa, is not a sofa. There are so many options to consider when shopping for a new piece.

    A sofa is an incredibly important component when designing a living space, like a living room or family room, and you want to make the right decision to suit your interiors.

    A sofa with designer touches

    When deciding on the right sofa for you, you want to choose one that separates your design from the rest, and going with a generic sofa is not a good way to do this.

    If you are looking to put a real designer touch on a space, there are three types of details to keep your eye out for that can take your living space from "meh" to "wow."

    Blue velvet sofa with turned arms, tufting and nail heads

    Tufting is a classic designer touch that has been around for centuries. It accentuates the texture and lushness of upholstery fabrics and is always in style.

    Tufting comes in a variety of patterns - you can have a straight pattern like the elegant tufted sofa above, or go for a style with a little more pizzazz like diamond tufting. Channel tufting, which was very popular during the Art Deco period is also making a comeback.

    Cream sofa with elegant nail head trim

    Another design touch to keep your eye out for is nail head trim on a sofa. Using nail head trim on upholstered pieces has been around since, oh, about the 17th century so you know it has some serious style staying power!

    Nail heads are used to accentuate the edges of upholstered furniture and brings a real high-end look to furniture. Nail heads come in a variety of shapes and finishes, from brass to chrome and classic round shapes to more modern studs.

    Brown velvet sofa with turned arms, tufting and nail head trim

    Nothing says luxury and opulence like a lush velvet sofa, and, contrary to popular belief, velvet wears very well. Velvet adds another layer of texture to a space, which is key to a design's success. A velvet sofa is classic, elegant and timeless.

    Of course there is more to buying a sofa than just how it looks... Read our blog post with 5 tips on how to buy a sofa for more information!

  • Get the Look: Modern Monochromatic Decor


    Get the Look: Modern Monochromatic Decor with Black White and Gray

    Black, white, and grey is a timeless trio that layers beautifully to create a sophisticated space that's anything but boring. 

    To create a modern monochromatic decor look like the living room pictured above, start with a sleek gray sofa (we're partial to elegant velvet upholstery). Add a pop of drama with a pair of black accent chairs. A graphic black and gray rug anchors the space, while a sleek silver-finish sculpture creates an artistic centerpiece and adds a hint of shine.

    A pale gray wall lends an airy look, but for serious drama, try painting your walls a dark charcoal gray. Dramatic and memorable, this modern look is sure to impress!

  • What's Trending: Acrylic Furniture


    Clear acrylic furniture and decor from 55 Downing Street

    Light, bright, and glamorous, acrylic furniture is what's trending and we love it. Whether it's a clear Ghost-style chair or luxe fur-topped bench with acrylic legs, adding transparent details to your home decor is a clear way to elevate your look to the next level of chic.

    We've got a gorgeous selection of acrylic furniture available, and we'd love to see how you have incorporated this haute trend into your home! Post a photo to Instagram and tag @55DowningStreet.

    Image source: 55 Downing Street

  • What's Trending: Mirrored Furniture


    Mirrored desk and mirrored console in a modern office

    Mirrored furniture is an easy way to add instant glamour to any room. Even the humble home office can become a chic workspace with the addition of a mirrored desk or mirrored chest.

    In addition to the chic factor, mirrored furniture reflects the light in the room and creates an illusion of a larger space in the same way a wall mirror does. 

    Mirrored furniture is especially great in small spaces as it  blends with other furnishings in a room so it takes up little visual space, and you can't beat the sparkle it provides!

    Love the look? Shop mirrored furniture on 55 Downing Street. We think every room deserves a little elegance! 

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